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Pelican Way Of LIFE: Highlights 2021

December 29, 2021  |  News

At the very end of the year we are happy to share with you the year highlights of the rewilding efforts for Dalmatian pelican comeback along the Black-Sea Mediterranean Flyway. This year was quite active and exciting in all the involved countries and for all partners. A lot of activities from the scientific monitoring of the species to public events and volunteers camp took place in the region. Enjoy the details in the list below.

First boatman and guide training took place in Romania

December 27, 2021  |  News

At the beginning of October, Pelican Way Of LIFE boatman and guide training took place in Sfantu Gheorghe, located in the Danube Delta. The 2-day course was the first event in the series of 3 trainings planned for Romania.

An international census of wintering pelicans: Bulgaria

December 16, 2021  |  News

An international census of wintering Dalmatian pelicans on the Balkan Peninsula took place in late November and mid-December. The purpose of the census is to collect data on the number and distribution of endangered Dalmatian pelicans in the study area. The study was conducted in two stages. A census was made at the end of November in the Western Balkans – Western Greece, Albania, and Montenegro. In the period December 10-12, wetlands in Bulgaria and Romania were visited. The activity is organized within the initiative “Pelican Way of LIFE”.

Dalmatian pelicans could return to the Netherlands

October 28, 2021  |  News

A new study has identified suitable habitat in the Netherlands and Flanders that could support at least 250 breeding pairs of Dalmatian pelicans once again. The findings highlight the growing potential for a reintroduction after an absence of over 500 years.

Successful breeding season for Dalmatian pelicans in “Persina” nature park and protected area “Kalimok – Brashlen”

August 6, 2021  |  News

For the sixth year in a row Dalmatian pelicans nesting in Persina Nature Park had a successful breeding season. It is completely delightful that in 2021 the pelicans occupied all three wooden platforms build for them in the marshes on Persin Island. 64 pairs of Dalmatian pelicans occupied the two platforms in Peschina swamp and raised successfully 80 young birds. The third platform in Dead Marsh marsh was occupied by 24 pairs of pelicans which raised 25 young birds.

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