Danube expedition: Monitoring pelicans and bridging connections with local communities

November 20, 2023  |  News

In early July 2023, a team from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) organized a boat expedition along the Danube River to monitor the populations of rare bird species, including the iconic Dalmatian Pelican. This year’s goal was also to raise awareness among local communities about the conservation of the species and the river, through events held at two nesting sites – Persina Nature Park and the Kalimok-Brushlen Protected Area.

Second nature conservation camp in the Persina Nature Park

September 26, 2023  |  News

The second volunteer conservation camp organized by the Directorate of the “Persina” Nature Park as part of the “Pelican Way of Life” initiative has successfully concluded. It was attended by students from the Erasmus+ project at “Dimcho Debelianov” High School in Belene.

Second Great white pelican tagged with a satellite transmitter in Bulgaria

September 20, 2023  |  News

At the end of August, a team from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) successfully captured and tagged an adult male Great White Pelican with a satellite transmitter in the Burgas Lake area. Furthermore, the team also affixed a ring to an adult female pelican of the same species.

Successful tagging of the Dalmatian pelican in Albania

September 13, 2023  |  News

In July, experts from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) successfully captured and tagged with a GPS transmitter a Dalmatian pelican in Albania. The action was done on request and in cooperation with the team of Protection and Preservation of Nature in Albania (PPNEA), as BSPB experts have big experience and expertise in capturing and tagging pelicans.

Danube Delta educational camp connects kids with pelicans

August 4, 2023  |  News

A Danube Delta-based educational camp held in June saw over 50 participants from four countries come together to learn more about Dalmatian pelicans – and the important role that rewilding can play in recovering populations of this iconic bird across Europe.

Successful breeding season for Dalmatian Pelicans in Bulgaria

July 18, 2023  |  News

Unlike last year, 2023 turned out to be much more favorable for the Dalmatian Pelicans nesting in Persina Nature Park and Kalimok-Brushlen Protected Area. The main reason for this is the relatively high-water level of the Danube River from February to June, which is crucial for the wetland areas along the river and the water-loving bird species nesting there.

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