Rewilding Europe – Coordinating Beneficiary

Rewilding Europe wants to make Europe a wilder place, with much more space for wildlife, wilderness and natural processes. Bringing back the variety of life for us all to enjoy and exploring new ways for people to earn a fair living from the wild. Rewilding Europe presents a vision in which wild nature is recognised as an indispensable part of Europe’s natural and cultural heritage and a necessary building block for a modern, prosperous and healthy society.

Rewilding Europe proposes a new conservation vision for Europe, with wild nature and natural processes as key elements, and where rewilding is applicable to any type of landscape or level of protection. The initiative views wild nature as something that is fully capable of taking care of itself. This concept should become the main management principle for many of Europe’s natural areas in the future. Rewilding Europe is a pan-European initiative with a team of people from 13 European countries.

Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) – Associated Beneficiary

As the Bulgarian partner of BirdLife International, the Bulgarian Society for the protection of Birds (BSPB) is one of the largest membership NGOs in Bulgaria. Founded in 1988, BSPB works for the conservation of the biodiversity and encourages the equitable and sustainable use of natural resources. Work areas include ecosystem and species protection, protected area management, conservation education and sustainable agriculture. The core of BSPB’s work is dedicated to conserving globally threatened species, such as the Egyptian Vulture, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Saker Falcon, Red-breasted Goose, White-headed Duck, Dalmatian Pelican and others. BSPB operates two nature conservation centers in Bulgaria – near Burgas and in Madzharovo.

Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS) – Associated Beneficiary

Founded in 1982, the HOS is a non-governmental, nationwide, non-profit organisation working for the protection of wild birds and their habitats. As the BirdLife International partner in Greece, it aims to study and protect wild birds and their habitats in Greece, provide scientific information and data to the Greek Government and European Union, and inform and inspire the public. The HOS undertakes large-scale monitoring work on bird populations and is actively involved in the conservation and management of protected areas in Greece. As a partner in the EuroSAP LIFE project, it coordinates the development of the International Single Species Action Plan for the Dalmatian pelican.

Persina Nature Park Directorate – Associated Beneficiary

Bulgaria’s Persina Nature Park Directorate, which falls under the jurisdiction of the country’s Executive Forests Agency, is responsible for the management of Persina Nature Park, which was declared a protected area in 2000. The directorate’s diverse responsibilities and activities include the organisation of specialised scientific studies, maintenance and restoration measures for the protection of plant and animal species and their habitats, educational programmes for local inhabitants and visitors, preparation of communications material, contracting for visitor infrastructure, preservation of cultural and historic heritage, coordination of activities in the park management plan, monitoring of important flora and fauna species, control regimes and restrictions within the park, and the maintenance of a database on biodiversity and natural resources.

Rewilding Danube Delta – Associated Beneficiary

Rewilding Danube Delta is an independent partner of Rewilding Europe in Romania, based in the town of Tulcea. The main goals of the organisation are to support the restoration of natural ecosystems in the Danube Delta and the development of local nature-based economies. The organisation is involved in international rewilding programmes working to transform former polders into reflooded wetlands. Once rewilded these function as optimal habitats for breeding and migrating birds, and offer local communities new sources of income linked to wildlife tourism and sustainable fisheries.

Rewilding Ukraine – Associated Beneficiary

The non-governmental organisation Rewilding Ukraine is Rewilding Europe’s principal Ukrainian partner. Its main goals are to support the restoration of wild nature and development of nature-based economies in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta. Rewilding Ukraine works to conserve and restore wetlands, forests and steppes, and to support the recovery of key species (either through natural comeback or reintroduction) such as the Dalmatian pelican, red deer, eagle owl and kulan (wild ass). It also aims to reintroduce natural grazing in restored ecosystems, using large herbivores such as water buffalo, wild horses and grey cattle. The organisation is working on a programme to support the development of nature-based tourism and other economic models that support wild nature.

Romanian Ornithological Society/BirdLife Romania (SOR) – Associated Beneficiary

Founded in 1990, the SOR is an independent non-governmental organisation working to conserve birds and other wildlife. It is the Romanian partner of BirdLife International. As Romania’s largest wildlife conservation charity, the SOR works to conserve and study wild bird species, their habitats and sites in Romania, and to increase people’s awareness of the environment and the need for its protection. With a headquarters in Bucharest and two regional offices in Cluj-Napoca and Tulcea, its national coverage includes 19 branches and two school groups.

Supporting partners


Decentralized Administration of the Peloponnese, Western Greece and Ionian; Decentralized Administration of Epirus and Western Macedonia; Society for the Protection of Prespa; Ministry of Environment and Energy; AMVRAKIKOS GULF; Fishing Assosiation of Logarou Lagoon; Management body of Messolonghi Lagoon


Regional forest directorate – Burgas; Regional forest directorate – Kardzhali; Lukoil Neftochim Burgas AD; Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water – Stara Zagora; Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water – Haskovo; Executive Forest Agency; Electricity System Operator EAD Company


General Association of Hunters and Anglers in Romania; E-distributie Dobrogea; E-distributie Muntenia; Danube Delta Bioshere Reserve; Danube Delta national institute for research and development – Tulcea; Ministry of Environment


Ministry of Agriculture, nature and foodquality


African-Eurasian Migratory Waterdird Agreement


Danube Biosphere Reserve; Orlovka village council

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