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Behind the scenes: how to find and photograph a Dalmatian pelican

October 15, 2020  |  News

At the end of May, a field expedition organized by Rewilding Ukraine to conduct scientific counts of the Dalmatian pelican and a photo mission took place in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta, as part of the “Pelican Way of LIFE” project. The counts were conducted by Maxim Yakovlev, an ornithologist at the Danube Biosphere Reserve, who has been photographing nature and the inhabitants of this picturesque region for more than 15 years. He was assisted by zoologist Alexander Gaidash.

A new scheme for patrolling has been launched in Persina Nature Park in Bulgaria

September 25, 2020  |  News

A new scheme for patrolling the territory of Persina Nature Park was launched in April, organized by Persina National Park and with the participation of experts from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB). The purpose of the patrol is to monitor the level of disturbance and behavior of Dalmatian pelicans along the section of the Danube adjacent to the park.

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