The avian flu strongly affected the population of the Dalmatian pelican in Romania

September 6, 2022  |  News

The total population of the Dalmatian pelican in Romania was severely affected by an epidemic of bird flu, at the beginning of this year’s nesting season. Moreover, the disease has caused mass mortality among pelicans in several areas of the Balkans. Greece, for example, has lost almost 40% of its total population of Dalmatian pelican, and cases of high mortality have also been recorded in Albania, as well as in Montenegro.

Dalmatian pelican population declines in Romania

August 15, 2022  |  News

Romania took part in the spring international counts of the Dalmatian pelican. In the country the action was coordinated by the Romanian Ornithological Society. The results show that the population of the Dalmatian pelican has been strongly affected by the bird flu.

Training seminar on Dalmatian Pelican research in Greece

June 30, 2022  |  News

A training seminar was held in Lemos (Greece), near Prespa Lake, on June 22-23 as part of the “Pelican Way of LIFE” project. The workshop is specially organized for experts from Albania, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, and Turkey.

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